ANY3DP: Smart Hardware

Connected Smart Hardware to improve efficiency in manufacturing

ANY3DP.SMART is a family of Smart Hardware products designed to enhance the performance of the Additive Manufacturing department. These products can safely and durably incorporate the necessary number of sensors to collect specific vitals detected during use. As ANY3DP hardware systems transmit data in an open format, they can be seamlessly integrated with common project management software. They are ideally complemented by the ANY3DP.APP application suite, which is specially integrated with artificial intelligence to interpret data more effectively.
These products were developed in collaboration with the well-known Italian service bureau, JUNO.AM, addressing real needs that have emerged over the past 10 years of production.

ANY3DP is the new brand of products that fast-tracks and optimizes the processes of AM operators. The goal is to automate data collection for both assets and components, thereby improving Time-To-Market and ROI.


Worktable with an integrated fume hood is suitable for additive manufacturing laboratories; it allows configuration for resin and powder handling.

With this product, the operator can work safely, avoiding exposure to harmful dust or vapors.
The product can also be configured with accessories especially matched to the needs of the selected 3D printer, such as resin dispensers, ultrasonic tanks, or dryers.

Furthermore, the fume hood can be equipped with an HEPA filtration system, which can filter dust down to 0.3 microns.

The box includes a sensor that keeps track of air quality and a video camera to recognize components and accessories inside the box.

The User Interface will allow the operator to have access to ANY3DP.APP directly from the production environment, complete with tutorials or time tracking.

The system is also equipped with a presence detection sensor, which will automatically turn the fume hood on and off based on the operator's presence.

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WORKHOOD is not mass produced

We adopt a sustainable production principle to minimize waste and surplus stock by 3D printing every element that is worth making with such technology.

Sustainability also translates into customization of the configuration.
WORKHOOD was created to be adapted, down to the smallest details, to the production specificities of the environment where it will be inserted, ALONE or in BATTERY.

Sustainability and customization are also supported by the close relationship we have, since the day of our foundation, with Juno's product designers.. With an average of 600 projects managed annually since 1983 we can openly declare that any request can find a timely and factual response.

Along with the general structure and dimensions, sensors, and electronics programming, even the software can also be customized and inserted into any IT structure.


Cooling box for powder that has been melted by fusion or sintering.

Unlike standard systems that estimate cooling times mathematically and linearly, thus suggesting a time frame that only considers the total printing time, this smart box is equipped with temperature sensors that monitor the cooling process in three dimensions.

The cooling system is natural but controlled by software that allows cooling times to be set according to material characteristics and workpiece geometry. This reduces cooling time and increases print quality.

By mapping its own processes, the machine algorithm will learn how the material behaves in the post-printing phase in correlation with the printed meshes and interpret the differences encountered in comparison to the pre-print simulation. As a result, the system will be able to predict the optimal cooling times for each individual print.