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Artificial Intelligence for Manufacturing at Your Fingertips

ANY3DP.APP is a suite of 3D applications under continuous development, built around the ambition of incorporating artificial intelligence into predictive models to enhance the effectiveness and efficiency of manufacturing technologies. These applications communicate with each other, creating a personalized hub for users or business roles. They draw upon niche data automatically collected and processed in real-time. Easy-to-use dashboards swiftly provide only the necessary data for making accurate decisions, with the complexity of processing left to algorithms.

ANY3DP.APP makes information that was once partial, confined to on-machine only, or missing, available on the browser. This new solution enables unprecedented prediction of many critical issues in manufacturing processes using industrial 3D printers, whether using resin or powder.

NEUROMANCER acquires and interprets 3D files to return values that compete in cost, considering technologies, material, operators' time, post-process stages, finishing and production jobs. The software works by combining both mathematical algorithms and a predictive system trained specifically on additive manufacturing.
Quotation Engine ANY3DP
QUOTATION ENGINE is the application, based on web technologies but also installable ON-SITE, that allows for more efficient and predictable budgeting: a convenient web interface accompanies the user every step of the way, reducing human errors and standardizing actions.
File Manager
FILE MANAGER allows file management to be abstracted from information management. It comes between heterogeneous software and storage systems (Local NAS, S3, Cubbit, Sharepoint, etc.) by providing a uniform, intelligent, and customizable query interface for saving, retrieving, and backing up 3D files.
Machine Status
MACHINE STATUS allows real-time monitoring of the machine fleet and centralizes data from jobs in print in one place. Whichever type of plant you have on the factory floor, the data can be consulted uniformly for easier comparison.
PARSER is a continuously maintained set of libraries and methods that is intended to simplify communication between off-site environments and cloud infrastructure or between elements of the ANY3DP.APP suite and other parts of the information management system.