Screenshot ANY3DP

Artificial intelligence applied to manufacturing at your fingertips

ANY3DP.APP is a suite of 3D applications under continuous development. It is built around the ambition to incorporate artificial intelligence into the predictive models that make manufacturing technologies more effective and efficient. Applications communicate with each other, thus building a personalized hub, for the user or the business role, drawing on niche data automatically collected and processed in real time. Easy-to-use dashboards nimbly make available only the data needed to make accurate decisions, leaving the complexity of processing to algorithms.

ANY3DP.APP makes information that used to be partial, on-machine only, or missing available on browser. This new solution enables unprecedented prediction of many critical issues in manufacturing processes via industrial 3D printers using resin or powder.

Machine Status ANY3DP
Real-time monitoring of the activity of the production systems and secure storage of the collected data to allow subsequent analysis.
Quotation Engine ANY3DP
Customized estimating system based on the specific production characteristics and automatically trained by workflows.
Ai Orientation ANY3DP
AI-driven ideal orientation calculation to reduce the likelihood of specific printing problems arising.
Production Finder ANY3DP
Real-time control of the progress of a component in the workflow and algorithmic prediction of subsequent states.
Task Planner ANY3DP
Customizable dashboards of work progress. Option to enter forecasts to train artificial intelligence.
Workhood Air Quality ANY3DP
Real-time control of ANY3DP.SMART equipment, data storage and predictive algorithms for maintenance.