Our products stem from real needs that have been pointed out by experts in the AM industry and will provide new solutions for integrating three-dimensional virtual reality and the physical world

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ANY3DP: 3D Printing, AI & Software have never been so interrelated

ANY3DP was born in the hinterland of Emilia, within a solid business group, JUNO.AM, which has been working in industrial design support since the early 1980s.

Around the first decade of the 2000s, additive manufacturing technologies began to create their own specific field of application; at the same time, the software development sector, driven by Tech Giants from overseas, underwent a conceptual revolution in which artificial intelligence and data management, aimed at process optimization, became the protagonists of a new era that, as of today, is still in a pioneering, albeit evolving, phase.

Solidity, a penchant for researching new production solutions and an ambition to be part of what is heralded as the next market trend.

ANY3DP was created to connect additive technology systems, and the necessary complements needed in a production environment, with software that enables immediate, effective and intelligent answers and solutions, tapping into valuable niche data.

ANY3DP: 3D Future Experience

Presentazione 3Festo
  • 2020
  • 2021
  • 2022
  • 2023
2020 Start-Up launch and first desktop MVP ANY3D.APP
2020 Start-Up launch and first desktop MVP ANY3D.APP

2021 Sviluppo prototipi hardware ANY3DP.SMART, alpha test di ANY3DP.APP
2021 Development of ANY3DP.SMART hardware prototypes, alpha testing of ANY3DP.APP

2022 Beta version of ANY3DP.APP + cloud base, industrialization of ANY3DP.SMART
2022 Beta version of ANY3DP.APP + cloud base, industrialization of ANY3DP.SMART

2023 ... GO TO MARKET
2023 ... GO TO MARKET

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Great ambition


Great ambition

ANY3DP.X: combining academic studies, daily experimentation and a continuous desire to innovate

Research activities, experimentation and the tireless desire to innovate are the innovative heart of the Start-Up.

Our innovative Start-Up was in fact also born from a patent filing related to the invention of a new material, Clay + Used PA12, which allows the reuse of waste AM powders in order to increase the sustainability of industrial 3D printers.
Every project is always contaminated with AR/VR solutions, Artificial Intelligence, automation and robotics.

Should you have an idea in the field of 3D Printing, you will likely find in the ANY3DP by 3FE team the right partner to develop your tailor-made ambition.